Wakefield School of Tennis
Wakefield School of Tennis

FREE open days!

Running Junior/Adult coaching programmes designed for all ages and standards of players.

Our goal is to help you find your Tennis Potential - whatever that might be, wherever that might end up!

We understand that children learn through play. That's why we have the perfect blend of fun, games and specific teaching points to ensure children have fun whilst learning.

Each lesson incorporates fundamentals of hand eye co-ordination, alongside tennis specific activities. Not only do we perfect your child to play tennis, we aim to ensure they gain confidence and the athletic attributes for any sport they may choose in the future.


As tennis adapts so do we. This ensures we are teaching the most current and up to date skills from around the world.  


We encourage the use of individuality as not everyone plays the same game, take the professionals for example. A useful  analogy would be we are providing and teaching letters of the alphabet, this allows the players to make up their own words/sentences.


Mini Red

Ages 4- 8 years



Mini Orange

Ages 8 - 9 Years



Mini Green

Ages 10 - 11



Full Ball

Open age includng Adults


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